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We provide service on all our systems we install and most other makes and models.

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Why You Should Go Solar

A morally sound choice.

Electricity is expensive due to it’s reliance on crude oil and it’s rising costs, and Hawaii is ranked the highest for electricity rates in the nation! Electricity is directly dependent on the current oil prices. Many people thought these would drop due to the wars in the middle east, but shockingly these prices are rising instead to the detriment of the local homeowner’s pocketbook.

The savings can be very good per month when you switch from relying solely on electricity to relying primarily on solar panels to power your home. Giant Solar is dedicated to saving you money on your water heating costs with the wise answer to this problem: solar panels. Oahu’s bright sunny climate is ideally suited for this green energy solution. Choosing to go solar is not only clean, green, and economical, it is also morally a sound choice as well. Many people connect oil to wars and no one should have to be sent to war to die over a dirty resource that pollutes the environment.

You can call Giant Solar today to schedule a technician to come out to your home promptly and evaluate your system and give you a detailed analysis of how much money you can save by switching to solar panels. You can also call and simply give your electric bill cost over the phone or fill out their quote request here.

About Giant Solar Energy

A local company helping to keep Hawaii green.

Giant Solar is a solar panel installation company located on Oahu, HI. Andre McBride, the owner, started out in the solar energy industry in 1989 after serving in the military. He worked for Poncho’s Solar Service until 1999, then for Grand Solar until 2004, but soon after that he founded Giant Solar at the end of 2004. His commitment to Oahu is to provide excellent service and Ohana and quality products and accompanying maintenance throughout the years, not to mention saving you money on your home’s energy costs.


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DIY Water Heater Maintenance

Andre teaches homeowners how to service their own water heater.

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Have a look at another interview with a real-life satisfied Giant Solar customer.

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Yet another satisfied local customer!

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